The Summer School took place between 24 August and 1 September 2019 in Oxford, UK.

We welcome students with Romanian citizenship from all backgrounds who meet the following criteria:

  • You study at a state school in Romania

  • You are about to finish grade 10 or 11

  • Your family has a modest income


The deadline for applications was 19 April 2019, 23:59 EEST (Romanian time). 

All candidates will be notified of our decision by the end of June. 

We only consider full applications which include:

  • the application form submitted by the deadline

  • a recommendation filled by one referee

  • a .PDF or .ZIP file with proof of your most relevant accomplishments.

It is aimed at young people who would not otherwise be able to fund this kind of opportunity. We particularly encourage citizens from the Republic of Moldova with Romanian citizenship and members of ethnic or other minorities to apply.

We are not necessarily looking for multi-award winners in Olympiads who have already established their path in pursuing higher education at reputable institutions.

We want to offer a chance to those who are still in doubt and have not yet made a decision about their career, but who show great potential in terms of both academic performance and community engagement.

If you think you qualify, please fill in the application form as honestly and convincingly as you can. Please save the answers separately and copy-paste them below at the end.

You may choose to complete the application in Romanian or English.

Before you send any enquiries, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section. 

The applications are now closed, with 311 received. The jury will carefully consider each applicant and notify everyone by June.