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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be a Romanian citizen to take part in the summer school? 

Yes, you need to have Romanian nationality. You can also have multiple nationalities (e.g. Romanian and Italian). We particularly encourage citizens from the Republic of Moldova with Romanian citizenship and members of ethnic or other minorities to apply. Unfortunately, although there are many young people deserving equal chances, we had to limit our selection pool.

2. Do I need to study at a school in Romania to be eligible?

Yes, you need to study at a state-funded (non-private) school in Romania. If you are registered in a state school in Romania, but are currently studying abroad for an exchange program for a year/term, you can still apply.

3. How do I calculate the average net income per family member?

To calculate the income, you need to take into account the net salary of each family member in the household (not the gross salary, which is money before taxes are applied). For example, if your mother's net salary is 3,000 RON and your father’s 3,000 RON, the net income is (3,000+3,000)/3=2,000 (if you only live with them). Or divided by 4=1,500 (if you have a brother/sister), etc.

If you also live with grandparents, you need to add their salary or pension to the income.

If you receive financial parental support from a parent who does not live with you, you need to add that income to the calculation.

School allowances (alocatii) and scholarships ARE NOT taken into consideration and should not be added.

4. What documents do I need to prove I meet the income requirement?


In the registration process you will not be asked for these documents, but please mention the income per family member as honest as possible. We only ask for proof from the shortlisted candidates. We will work with you to make sure you give us all the relevant documents depending on your situation. We only ask for pictures of documents to make the process easier.

We take the income requirement very seriously and will do background checks to ensure that each candidate provides the correct documents to prove the actual household income.

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