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This is a 100% volunteer-based project initiated in 2016 by a handful of enthusiastic Romanian professionals based around Oxford. Join the business leaders and supporters who invest in transformative opportunities for young people. 

A transformative experience

Oxford for Romania is a week-long, multidisciplinary summer school that takes place in Oxford, UK.

Established in 2016, the school aims to be an eye-opening learning experience for Romanian high school students with great academic potential and limited financial means. 

Top Romanian researchers and business professionals working as volunteers have designed a an enriching educational experience to empower young people to take control over their own future and activate a ‘pay it forward’ mindset.

Who we are

Who we are


We are a group of academics and professionals based around Oxford. We share an enthusiasm for contributing to our communities.

Having been fortunate enough to access great opportunities to study and work in competitive environments, we want to do the same for our younger peers. Our strategy is to provide students with an intense learning experience, and to inspire them to lead by example.

We all have full-time jobs or other academic commitments, and we work for the summer school as volunteers. We supported by the academic and professional community in Oxford and London, business partners, friends, and people who believe in our cause.

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