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First edition - a year after

The first edition of the “Oxford for Romania” Summer School took place between 28 August and 4 September 2016. In total, out of 100 applications, 21 participants were selected: 18 students aged 15-18 were awarded full scholarships and an additional three were offered a place in the programme conditional on paying for all related costs.

17 lecturers taught Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Urbanism and Social Sciences, NGOs and Political Culture, Medical Imaging, Media Literacy, Career Orientation, Neuroscience, Photography, and Music for Film. Classes were complemented by engaging extra-curricular activities, such as dance performances, outdoor sports and a trip to London.

With support from 10 partners in the UK and Romania and 45 individual donors, the organising team raised more than £17,000. A team of 27 volunteers worked more than 1,500 hours to deliver an exceptional experience for participants.

Watch some of last year's alumni sharing their experience.

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